RS Geospatial (formerly Resource Supply, LLC) is located in Oregon with a national client base. We are focused on innovating Mobile GIS workflows with tablets, Bluetooth GNSS receivers, and customizable software; all with the goal of increasing our clients efficiency both in the field and in the office.  We provide sales, rentals, and support of high-accuracy GPS and GNSS units (submeter, subfoot, and centimeter), laser rangefinders, ruggedized Pocket PCs, and other field equipment for biologists, engineers, surveyors, foresters, and GIS professionals.

We are not professional salespeople. Our roots are in the field spanning from the early days of GPS to recent advances with tablets and RTK receivers. There are not many field conditions we haven't experienced...from the rain-soaked forests of the Olympic Peninsula to the arid desert of the southwest United States, to the swamps of Florida and the hardwoods of Vermont.  All with a ruggedized iPad and Bluetooth GNSS receiver!

We have over 35 years of combined experience with resource grade and survey grade GPS and GNSS. We also sell ESRI GIS software including ArcGIS and ArcPad.  We create extensive customization of GIS, ArcGIS Online, and Esri's mobile apps. You'd be hard-pressed to find that kind of experience from the typical GPS dealer anywhere in the U.S.

RS Geospatial provides seminars at our Portland, OR location on GPS data collection for both survey and GIS users. We also provide custom on-site workshops at client sites. Some of our workshops are:

  • Satellite Technology and Mobile GIS Workflows Explained
  • Using ArcPad, General Course and Using ArcPad in Difficult Field Conditions
  • Static RTK data collection and OPUS processing
  • Introduction to RTK surveying
  • Using RTK and Drones in the Field for High-Accuracy Data Captures


The RS Geospatial Team

Matt Alexander

Vice President

Mobile GIS and GNSS consultant for sales and training on survey grade field equipment and GIS software for field data collection on tablets.

Tyler Gakstatter

GIS Developer and Trainer

GNSS consultant for sales and on-site training of software and high-accuracy GNSS, Expert with Esri ArcGIS Online, Collector, and Survey 123.

Jon Aschenbach

GPS seminar instructor

Professional Forester, GPS seminar instructor, and conference presenter on a variety of subjects including GPS, ArcPad, Mapping, Timber Cruising, and Using Professional Forestry Equipment.