RS Geospatial Consulting

  • Software training:
    • Esri Mobile products (Collector, Survey 123, Navigator, Workforce)
    • ArcPad
    • LTI Mapsmart (volume calculations with laser rangefinder)
    • Spectra Precision MobileMapper Field
  • GIS Data Processing
    • Convert between the following Datasets (spreadsheets, kmz, gpx, etc.)
    • Build Mobile GIS electronic data collection forms (Esri ArcPad, Esri Collector, Esri Survey 123, MobileMapper Field)
    • GIS data analysis

RS Geospatial (formerly Resource Supply, LLC) is an Oregon company serving clients nationwide with focused sales and software support of professional GPS/GNSS units, laser rangefinders, ruggedized Pocket PCs, and other field equipment for surveyors, environmental consultants, engineers, foresters, UAV/drone operators, and GIS professionals.

We are not professional salespeople. Our roots are in the field. There are not many field conditions we haven't experienced...from the rain-soaked forests of the Pacific Northwest to the arid desert of the Southwest to the woodlands of the Northeast and everywhere in-between.

We have over 45 years of combined experience with resource grade and survey grade GPS/GNSS across the United States and South America. As an ESRI Business Partner, we also sell ESRI GIS software including ArcGIS, ArcView, ArcGIS extensions, and ArcPad.  Our services also include full database setup and field data collection form creation, and Operations Dashboard and auto-report generation in ArcGIS Online.  We are experts in ESRI mobile apps (Collector, Survey 123, WorkForce, and Navigator) and ArcGIS Online. You'd be hard-pressed to find that kind of experience from the typical GPS dealer in this part of the country (or any for that matter).

Resource Supply, LLC provides regular seminars at our Portland, OR location on GPS data collection for both survey and GIS users.We also provide custom on-site workshops at client sites. Some of are workshops are:

  • Using ArcPad in Difficult Field Conditions
  • Introduction to GPS static surveying (including OPUS processing).
  • Introduction to RTK surveying.

Please contact us for any of your GPS, GIS, training or field equipment needs.


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