Arrow 200


The EOS Arrow 200 is the world’s first GNSS receiver with the ability to provide 1cm real-time accuracy to all major mobile devices, this includes; Android, iOS, Windows, and Windows Mobile devices.

Description:(1) Arrow 200 GNSS receiver, (1) L1/L2, G1/G2, Lband antenna, (1) Antenna Plate,  (1) Antenna Cable 0.1m RSMA(M) / BNC(F), (1) Pole Bracket, (1) Pole Clamp, (1) Battery pack, (1) Battery charger, 100-240V, (1) 6 ft. USB-A – Mini B cable, (1) Hard Shell Case, (1) Base/Rover RTK Activation, (1) 2-year Warranty

It’s internal GNSS engine picks up all of the global satellite constellations GPS, GLONASS, GALELIO, and BEIDOU.

Perfect solution for a network RTK rover. While a pair of Arrow 200’s can operate as a base/rover pair a single Arrow 200 can be a less expensive option for someone working in a state with a free RTK network. Many states offer free access to the department of transportation RTK network.

With a battery life of over 9 hours and a charge time of only 4 you and your field crew will be operational all day every day.


Officially supported by Collector for ArcGIS


EOS Tools Pro for iOS

EOS Tools Pro was created specifically for the Arrow Series as a dashboard/configuration tool on the iOS platform. Position information as simple as number of satellites down to the actual NMEA sentences output from the receiver. Estimated accuracy values are broken down into horizontal and vertical RMS. Up to date correction information such as differential age, ID and fix type. Ability to set custom alarms to notify the user when an accuracy requirement is not being met.
EOS Tools Pro can also accomodate data collection application written in HTML5. There is a tab labeled “web” that looks similar to a web broswer…which it is. The benefit of this web browser is that EOS Tools Pro can provide the website ran within this environment a high accuracy position along with all the metadata associated with it.

EOS Tools Pro

Fixed solution in Eos Tools Pro for iOS

Key Features:

  • Supports existing and future GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou)
  • 100% Android, iOS, Windows compatible
  • 1cm RTK real-time accuracy
  • Officially supported by Esri® Collector, Terrago and other Mobile GIS software
  • Supports Atlas™ satellite based correction services
  • Flexible mounting options for a variety of different applications
  • Can be switched to and from base mode and rover mode easily

Software Downloads
Datasheet and Manual Downloads

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 13 x 8 in

RTK: 1-3cm, SBAS:

Battery Life

9+ Hours (without ATLAS activated)

Charge Time

4 Hours

Communication Ports

Bluetooth, USB

Available Constellations

GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo and QZSS

Enclosure Rating


Mobile Device Compatibility

Android, iOS, Windows, Windows Mobile

Receiver Type

Dual Frequency RTK GNSS Receiver


EOS Positioning Systems


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